Wholesale Liège waffles made by &Bakery Co. are fully cooked and bagged. These waffles are ready to be quickly reheated by oven, toaster, flat top grittle, or fryer in the food service environment.  


Orders will be ready for pickup starting at 11am the day after your order has been received.  



3.5oz   -   24 Count Bag

4oz.     -   21 Count Bag

5.5oz   -   15 Count Bag


These waffle are good for 5 to 7 days when properly sealed and 30 days frozen. 


All sales are final, no returns. 


Please contact Andrew at andbakeryco@gmail.com before your first order. We also have an additional catalog of wholesale products we can provide you with upon request. www.andbakeryco.com 

Wholesale Liège Waffles From &Bakery Co.

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