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Why did you open an Ice Cream + Waffles Shop?

Because who doesn't love ice cream and waffle?!

Was Liège & Dairy founded in Louisville?

Yes! We are Kentucky Proud and LIBA members (Keep Louisville Weird), as well as members of a few chambers of commerce in Louisville.

Where in Louisville are you located?

Conveniently located in Holiday Manor off of Brownsboro Road! Stop by, we're at: 2212A Holiday Manor Center, Louisville, KY 40222

Are you open year round?

Yes! We are open all year round to serve your late night ice cream cravings. There are specific days year round that we are closed due to holidays. Find us on social for more information.

What makes your ice cream so special?

Our ice cream recipes are special because they are made small batch here in Louisville. These are hard super premium ice creams. In order to achieve this quality segment, we run our ice cream with very little overrun (air), and we only use high quality ingredients. We take great care in perfecting each one of our ice creams so that it is perfect when you try it in our stores. Not only is our ice cream special, but we also have housemade toppings, mousses, and sauces to ensure that however you like your ice cream, it is of the highest quality.

What is a Liège waffle?

A Liège waffle is the waffle you have been missing from you whole life! It's a yeasted dough (not a batter) that we fold imported belgian pearl sugar into and cook on our special waffle irons. Liège waffles are made fresh daily!

Do you have a gluten free waffle?

At this time, we do not serve gluten free waffles.

Can you cater my wedding, office party or special event?

Yes! send us an email to liegeanddairy@gmail.com with the type of event you want us to cater and we'll help you create the perfect experience.

Do you have an Ice Cream Truck?

Yes! We have an ice cream truck that travels to cater events all over the Louisville area. We are not creepy ice cream man and we don't play the ice cream song, but wherever our truck may be, you will surely find delicious! If you would like to book the truck to visit your event, send us an email to liegeanddairy@gmail.com with the type of event you want the truck at and we'll help you create the perfect experience.

Can you do a custom flavor for me and/or my event?

We can create just about any flavor you can think of! Send us an email to liegeanddairy@gmail.com with the request and we'll help you create the perfect flavor for your event. Minimums due apply.

Do you have gift cards?

Yes! Come on in to one of our stores and ask one of our amazing staff for help. We can put any amount you ask for on the card!

Do you give back to charities?

Send us an email to liegeanddairy@gmail.com with the request.

Do you have any gluten free ice cream?

Yes! Many of our ice cream flavors without cookie or cake pieces are gluten free. If you have any questions about any of our ice cream flavors specifically, just ask one of our staff when you come into our stores and they will be happy to answer your questions.

Do you have coffee?

Yes! During the winter, we have our espresso machine that can make espresso drinks. You can order espresso in shots, in an americano, in a latte, or even affogato style. In addition to coffee, we also have hot chocolate in the winter to satisfy your sweet cravings even when it is cold outside. Any of these drinks pair well with a hot liege waffle in the cold winter months.

Do you have any vegan ice cream?

Yes! We have two vegan flavor options at the moment, our vegan vanilla ice cream and our vegan cookies and cream ice cream. In the production of these ice cream flavors, we use a soy milk base, instead of a regular milk base. This ice cream is perfect if you want the real taste of ice cream, but without regular milk. It is also a lactose free ice cream, for those who can not have lactose. People often tell us that our vegan ice cream is some of the best they have ever tasted.

Does your ice cream contain eggs?

No! We do not use eggs in any of our ice cream recipes.

Is your ice cream safe for people with nut allergies?

We have many ice cream flavors for you to choose from that are safe for those with nut allergies. When you come in the store tell our staff of your allergy and they can walk you through the ice cream selection and let you know which ice creams contain nuts.

Do you have any sugar free ice cream?

We haven’t quite perfected a sugar free ice cream yet. Until it’s perfect we won’t serve it. But we're working on it!

Do you sell your pints in grocery stores?

No, but we do sell them in our stores. We have a selection of packed pints in each store, but if you want a specific ice cream flavor you can ask one of our staff and they will be happy to pack a pint specially for you.

How often do you have new flavors?

Each month we come out with new seasonal flavors that will replace our last seasons flavors. Each month varies on the new number of flavors, but we assure you that you will want to get them while they are in store, because after the month is up, they will be gone and replaced by new ice cream flavors.

Is your ice cream really handmade in Louisville?

Yes! We make all of our ice cream flavors small batch here in Louisville, Kentucky. We do this to ensure that each batch is perfect to sell to our customers. This means each batch is made with special care so that each ice cream scoop will have all the flavors and fixins promised.

What type of ice cream do you serve?

We make a hard super premium ice cream. In order to achieve this quality segment, we run our ice cream with very little overrun (air), and we use high quality ingredients. Think about it this way, more ice cream per spoon full! We have many different flavors ranging from vanilla and chocolate ice cream to our bourbon and banana ice cream.

Holiday Manor

2212A Holiday Manor 

Louisville, KY 40222

Phone (502)-290-0065

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