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At Liége & Dairy...

We believe if we put the effort into taking care of our guests by going the extra mile, serving a high quality product, they will return time and time again to share with others the experience they enjoy so much. 


All of our products are made with the finest ingredients, many from local markets, farms, and Kentucky Proud Homegrown Heroes. We only use locally roasted coffee, local honey, sorghum molasses, blackberries, pears, and other ingredients that can be sourced within a short distance. 


Our ice cream is made with only non-GMO cream that comes from hormone-free happy cows. We whip less air into our ice cream to produce a denser, creamier, richer ice cream. Less air means a more delicious scoop of ice cream that is sure to put a smile on your face.  


Deliberate quality, legendary treats!

A little history lesson

One thing my family always made time for at the end of a hectic day was sharing the perfect dessert. I remember my Mom and Dad would corral us all (including the dog) into the car and off we would go to the ice cream parlor. Needless to say, some of my fondest childhood memories are when we'd make time together as a family to enjoy the delicious goodness of an ice cream cone. 


But the poor employees at the counter, I don't know how they put up with us. "Can I get...two scoops of cookie dough and one chocolate sandwich cookie...a drizzle of caramel...nuts, sprinkles, hot fudge sauce...and oh, can you put a brownie on that too?!" My brother and I would create ridiculous and grandiose concoctions, testing the wide-eyed scoopers as they tried to fit it all into one bowl. 

We still keep the things we care about close to home, which is why our ice cream is churned right here in Louisville, Kentucky. Liège & Dairy is a place for friends and families to gather around, make some memories, and enjoy something delicious, because it’s something a family should never outgrow.


The waffles? Well, talk to me sometime about my travels to Belgium where I first encountered the Liege waffle. I have some great stories to tell, and I look forward to sharing this unique treat with you next time you're in!


- A. S. Llewellyn

Our mission

Using local ingredients, we strive to create incredible handmade ice creams that taste as good as they look. We proudly serve handmade small batch ice cream made in Louisville, for Louisville. We use only non-GMO cream from hormone-free happy cows with the best hand picked ingredients, to provide our guests with deliberate quality and legendary treats.

Holiday Manor

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